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Film History

A weekly film podcast which follows three best friends on a quest to find the greatest movies of all time! Each week our heroes take on a new theme as they discuss actors, genres, and directors. Episodes are full of quizzes, games and plenty of humour. Unscripted, unedited and never serious, come join us.

February 1, 2019

#29 A League of OUR Own


First time? Well, where have you been hiding you scoundrel.

This is the 'Sorry! You're In My Seat' Podcast. A weekly show which bring together three best friends on a quest to find the greatest films of all time!

This week our heroes take on SPORTS FILMS! ....yep. What these guys combined know about Sports can be written on the back of a postage stamp, yet these heroes blag their way through 1hour and 40 minutes of high octane sports film chat.

That's right, Sports. All the sports in fact. Like the the fast ones, and the team ones, and the ones with balls or pucks. Like the sports that are played on grass and others that are on ice and stuff.

This week, James takes on ROCKY,

Aaron talks MONEYBALL

and Sam channels his inner GOON.

There's also another Quiz, but this ones all about Sports. So, if you LOVE sports, this podcast is almost certainly not really for you. But why not give it a listen anyways and that can be your good deed for the day. In fact, have ten house points for reading this.

Go on, press play you filthy devil.

Listen. Follow. Review.




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